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IPWeek 2020 Digital
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October 6-9

“Best fist-hand experience” in an online format

  • Virtual Gemba workshops
  • Webinars from productivity leaders
  • Conferences with researchers, scientists and consultants

Gemba partners

of IPWeek 2019 were

Single piece flow management, TFM in contract manufacturing. Project time management of a complex order.

The transformation of the production culture upon the introduction of lean production in a company

Production logistics. Standardization of work and processes as a foundation for productivity enhancement

American manufacturing culture, logistics, automation and digitalization of logistics.

Industry 4.0. Digitalization and robotization of the production process

Robotization and digitalization of production. Škoda, Volkswagen production system

IPWeek 2020 Digital presents an opportunity for companies to showcase their Gemba achievements. Send a presentation video to the organizing committee and we will discuss the possibility of its integration into the business and B2B program of the Productivity Week.