ŠKODA Industry 4.0

ŠKODA Quality & HR Industry 4.0

Main theme:

Robotization and digitalization of production. Škoda, Volkswagen production system.

Target audience:

  • Owners, Directors of companies
  • Industry 4.0 specialists
  • Managers and experts in specialized areas

Brief information about the company:

A fully automated robotic production in separate workshops is adjacent to the traditional manual operations in the stamping and assembly shops. The humans and robots working together allow for a production of more than 800 000 high quality cars per year. More information can be found here: https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/cs/170720-skoda-octavia-production-footage-2/

At this Gemba workshop you will get acquainted with the best practices of:

  • Škoda production system
  • Welding production robotization
  • Digital planning: reducing commission time, cutting costs, detecting programming errors

This master class group is limited to 20 participants.

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