Liberty Ostrava a.s.

Liberty Ostrava a.s. Gemba workshop Programme

Main theme:

Development of the production system and the path to the Bronze Award WMC medal.

Target audience:

  • Director of an enterprise
  • Director, Specialist in production and production system development
  • Lean project managers

Brief information about the company:

ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s. belongs to the world’s largest group of metallurgical companies ArcelorMittal. More information about the company can be found here:

At this Gemba workshop you will get acquainted with the best practices of:

  • Production system development and the path to the Bronze Award WMC medal.
  • Improving the efficiency of the equipment use and maintenance, reducing downtime.
  • Automation and digitalization of the production system of an enterprise.
  • Ensuring work safety in extreme conditions.

This master class group is limited to 30 participants.

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