Programme of the Gemba workshop at Amazon

Main theme:

American manufacturing culture, logistics, automation and digitalization of logistics.

Target audience:

  • Owners and Directors of companies
  • Director, Production Specialist
  • Project managers
  • Logistics Directors
  • НR managers
  • Robotics and production automation specialists
  • Industry 4.0 specialists

Brief information about the company:

Amazon is the largest online shop in the world. The company is widely known for its huge range of products, along with innovative solutions in storage and logistics. Further information about Amazon in Czech Republic can be found here:

At this Gemba workshop you will get acquainted with the best practices of:

  • American production culture and its implementation in Czech cultural environment.
  • Industry 4.0 solutions for warehouse and transport logistics.
  • Standardization of processes and operations: methods and practice.
  • Improving process efficiency.
  • Automation and robotic flow control.

This master class group is limited to 30 participants.

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