Alfmeier lean

Alfmeier Lean Gemba workshop Programme

Main theme:

Production logistics. Standardization of work and processes as a foundation for productivity enhancement.

Target audience:

  • Owners, Directors of companies
  • Director, Production Specialist
  • Project manager
  • Logistics Director
  • Technologists
  • Production automation specialists
  • Industry 4.0 specialists

Brief information about the company:

The company specializes in the production of automotive components: parts for gas and liquid flow control, pneumatic seat elements for cars and etc. In the field of production system logistics, the Czech daughter company is the leading enterprise of the entire holding. More information about the company can be found on their website:

At this Gemba workshop you will get acquainted with the best practices of:

  • Reorganization of production system logistics: a step-by-step algorithm and performance dynamics results.
  • Standardization as a basis for quality and labor productivity management.
  • Practice of TPM, Q-stop and problem-solving tools.
  • Visual management.

This master class group is limited to 20 participants.

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