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IPWeek 2020 Digital
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October 5-9, 2020
Czech Republic, Germany

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For the first time, an absolutely unique event dedicated to studying the best international practices and experiences in the field of labor productivity enhancement, lean management, intelligent production systems creation, human capital development and leading technological advances, including Industry 4.0, will take place in a digital format!

IPWeek 2020 Digital is an online teleconference, equipped with virtual Gemba workshops, LMS educational platform, International School of Production Masters, contest program and B2B sites - unlimited opportunities for professionals.

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The main theme

International Productivity Week 2020

Change Management 4.0 in times
of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Human Capital
Production systems
Technology for Industry 4.0


International Productivity Week 2020


International Productivity Week 2020

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News Agency "Standards & Quality"

IPWeek 2019

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International Productivity Week

Participation Packages

for International Productivity Week 2020

Participation Packages for Individuals


5-9 October
100 EUR
  • Paticipation in all events of IPWeek 2020 in an online format.


5 – 9 October
250 EUR
  • All events of IPWeek 2020 in an online format
  • Access to IPWeek 2020 video recordings and digital library


28 September - 9 October
400 EUR
  • Participation in the "Transformation" projects competition
  • All events of IPWeek 2020 in an online format
  • *Special offer for small business 200 EUR

Corporate Participation Packages


5-9 October 2020
  • All events of Masters School from 5-7 October 2020
  • Access to video recordings and digital library of IPWeek 2020
  • 5-10 people per company
  • Program and price upon request


5-9 October 2020
  • Corporate participation
  • Teleconference with a company from a studio in Prague
  • All IPWeek 2020 events in an online format
  • Corporate access to IPWeek 2020 video recordings and digital library
  • Participation in the "Operational Excellence" championship
  • Participation in the "Transformation" projects contest
  • Program and price upon request


International Productivity Week 2019

Organizer of the International Productivity Week

International Productivity Week 2020

The mission of International Productivity Academy is to promote corporate productivity growth and economic efficiency, achievement of a high quality of life and harmonic development of human potential.

Regional Partners

International Productivity Week 2020

Our official partner in Kazakhstan is PMI Eurazia Chapter, a public association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our official partner in Belarus is a state educational institution "Institute of professional retraining for industrial specialists", Belarus.

Organizing Committee

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